The CRUX Artisan Series 5-Speed Digital Juicer


It’s no secret that fruits and vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet, so do yourself a favor and fuel up with the CRUX 5-Speed Digital Juice Extractor. Sporting a 1000 watt motor, and digital display, the juicer’s five speed control dial can be adjusted to process everything from soft fruits, citrus, apples, leafy greens and hard vegetables, delivering nutrient-rich beverages every time. Fast, durable, and easy to clean, the juicer’s feeding chute cuts down on prep time with it’s wide 3” opening that can process whole pieces of produce. Stainless steel mesh conquers even the toughest greens, delivering up to one liter of liquid at a time. Serve straight from the BPA-free juice jar equipped with a pour spout, a froth separator, and lid. Cleaning is key when dealing with fresh produce and the CRUX Juice Extractor easily dismantles with dishwasher safe parts. The pitcher’s anti-drip spout prevents leaks and spills. Also includes a cleaning brush that breaks up tough fibers stuck in the stainless steel mesh. Finally, the large, clear pulp collector fills with extraneous waste that is easy to toss and clean. Get on the health train and drink better with CRUX’s 5-Speed Digital Juice Extractor.

Exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond. 

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Product Details
  • Experience fast juicing with our 1000 watt motor 
  • Choose between any of our 5 speeds with our dial control soft fruit, citrus, apples, leafy greens and hard vegetables 
  • See it all at a glance with our digital LED display screen so you can quickly see what speed is being used 
  • Our wide 3’’ feed chute allows for whole fruits, minimizing your prep time 
  • 1 Liter BPA-free juicer has a froth separator, spout, lid and large see through pulp collector for easy clean up 
  • A durable titanium coated juicing mesh collects even the smallest of fibers 
  • Our anti-drip spout prevent leaks and spills, so your countertop can stay mess free 
  • Durable cleaning brush will help you remove even the toughest fibers from you the juicing mesh 
  • Clean up has never been easier with our dishwasher safe removable parts

Exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond

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