CRUX 6 Qt Extra Deep Electric Skillet


When your stovetop isn’t cutting it, reach for CRUX’s 6 QT Extra Deep Electric Skillet. Offering a 1300 watt heating system and 50% more space than traditional skillets, it is ideal for preparing large meals for the family, team, and beyond. Simmer, fry, or braise on the 12” x 12” cooking surface. Coated with copper titanium ceramic, this state of the art technology offers a healthy, eco-friendly surface with outstanding strength. Ten times more durable and scratch resistant than traditional skillets, it also cooks up to 30% faster. Thick, die cast sides are 3” high, reducing spills and adding cooking volume. From eggs to pasta to fish, the CRUX 6 QT Extra Deep Electric Skillet tackles it all. An easily adjustable temperature dial offers a quick preheat for deep frying at 400°F, or a slow simmer on low. The tempered glass lid provides clear visibility while cooking without disrupting the heating process. Because sometimes, more is more. This is one of those times.

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Product Details
  • 2“ x 12” cooking surface with 3” extra depth provides 50% more capacity and is perfect for large family meal
  • Copper ceramic coating reinforced with titanium for outstanding durability
  • 10x more durable and scratch resistant non-stick surface with up to 30% faster cooking times
  • Metal utensil safe, healthy-eco coating – PTFE and PFOA free
  • Extra depth helps reduce spillage and provides additional volume. Less cleaning & more cooking!
  • Cook eggs, pasta, fish, chicken, dessert, or anything from breakfast up to dinner. The possibilities are endless!
  • Deep fry at 400F or simmer your sauces with the adjustable temperature control
  • Glass lid allows you to watch food without disrupting the cooking process
  • Removable temperature probe
  • 1300 watt heating system
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